Electrodeless electrotherapy positively influences painful states and promotes the healing of musculoskeletal tissues without attaching electrodes on the patients.
The contactless principle of electrotherapy significantly reduces risks and contraindications of this procedure compared with traditional electrotherapy. It completely eliminates the risk of burns and chemical burns of skin and allows to apply the procedure through clothing, bandages, brace etc.
Electrodeless electrotherapy produces induced current density of about 1 A/m² in tissue. That still does not cause perceptual motoric effects but is roughly 100 times stronger than pulse magnetic therapy. Such a current density along with the ability to choose not only the impulse but also interference electrotherapy currents leads to significant analgesic effects and supports healing processes.


  • degenerative joint diseases
  • osteoarthritis and chondromalacia
  • vertebrogenic diseases
  • consequences of injuries and fractures
  • trophic disorders and microangiopathy
  • bursitis, tendinitis
  • aseptic bone necrosis
  • entezopathies and epicondylitis

Key benefits of model STRONG

  • significantly higher intensity of pulsed and interference therapeutic currents
  • larger volume of tissue treated and greater depth of therapeutic range
  • easier to use and better positioning ability of electrotherapy applicator
  • effect of the rotating vector of interference currents which cause effective homogeneous treatment of effected tissues