CECS offers a diverse product distribution portfolio mainly from Czech manufacturers. This partnership network enables our distribution division to provide our clients with a full spectrum of high quality product choices. Whether it is value or cutting-edge technology that drives your purchasing decisions, CECS has a product option for you and your team.


oxygen waterOur company brings completely new and unique product „OXYLIFE WATER 250ml-oxygen enriched water“ to the GCC market. This product is protected by a patent and is a genuine product which once again confirms the progress in the manufacture of soft and health beneficial drinks.Oxylife team has thus been continuously working on the project for over 10 years and the result of our work is our present product: Oxylife Water, the oxygen enriched water. Oxygenated water OXYLIFE is a source of energy and vitality. Thanks to the patented technology, the OXYLIFE WATER stable oxygen content is 120 mg/l.  for more information ..


Whole Body Cryotherapy is the exposure of the human body to extreme cold, most often applied inside a cryosauna or cryochamber. The purpose of WBC is attributed to maximizing the potential for a rapid and improved response to injury, to long-term conditioning of the body and for the observed positive aesthetic effects it can have on the skin. Our focus is on reliability, continuous improvement & making our clients get the best out of their experience with the Cryo Chambers & Cryosauna . In addition to our whole body devices we offer a wide line of cryotherapy machines.The Cryosaunas is built according to high quality standards. for more information ..


Our respirator is designed to protect against living organisms such as Virus, bacteria, fungi and also fine dust, fibers, aqueous mists, oil-based mists. The respirators are of a 4-layer construction comprising two layers of high-quality spun bond material with a smooth surface finish which covers two layers of outstanding performance non woven special filter and melt blown filter material that is electrostatically charged. for more information ..


The water treatment unit is designed for 2-stage treatment of surface and ground water. The first separation stage consists of a pulse clarifier. The second separation stage consists of closed filters with sand cartridges having a designed filtration speed of 12 m3/h. This is subsequent filtration. The chemical solutions used for correcting the water reaction and coagulation are dosed into the raw water pipeline before clarification. After filtration, the treated water is health secured. for more information ..