SALUTER MOTI excels in its extremely high performance which very effectively and quickly removes pain. In addition, it is also able to correct the impaired management of impulses along nerve fibres (e.g. in diabetic neuropathy), returns tissues to their necessary flexibility and elasticity, improves local blood flow and back muscle strength. Due to sufficient reach of stimulated tissues (in depth and volume) the contactless stimulation of deep muscles and nerve pathways is enabled.
SALUTER MOTI enables perceptual (seen by the patient and yet non-noxious) stimulation by electromagnetically induced electric currents, the result of which is a fast and powerful analgesic effect and improves the function of the bloodstream. The apparatus causes nerve impulses which are led from the area of treatment into the central nervous system. These impulses are evaluated and proper signals are generated and routed back to the treatment area. Thus, it not only restores the impaired function of nerve pathways and strengthens muscles but also provides other desired therapeutic effects, such as scattering undesirable accumulated particles (dispersion effect) or releases chronically stiff tissue (thixotropic effects).
Our device is unique. The induced electric currents of high density provide safe motoric effects. The applicator influences contactless contractions of muscle fibres both in phasic and in tonic muscles in sufficient depth and in the desired range for a muscle.

Examples of proven indications :

  • painful degenerative and post traumatic musculoskeletal diseases
  • weak and spastic paresis after ictus or CNS injuries
  • muscle imbalance axis system of the body - back pain associated with recurrent sciatica
  • disorders of capillary blood circulation in limbs
  • extremity neuropathy
  • strengthening untrained muscles
  • contactless stimulation of the pelvic muscles (supportive treatment of stress-incontinence and some prostate syndromes, pelvic pain syndromes)
  • sexual dysfunction, neuropathic and vascular etiology

Main advantages :

  • current density induced contactless electric currents produced by the unit SALUTER MOTI reaches up to several hundreds of A/m²; this causes the patient to not only subjectively perceive the treatment, but in fact the flaccid or even paralyzed muscles are contracted while spastic muscles vice versa are relaxed
  • efficiency greatly exceeds effects of magnetic, ultrasound or similar procedures and the time of the procedure can be very short
  • contactless applications in hard to reach parts of body